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5 Reasons To Invest In An Authoring Solution With A Built-In Learning Management System

Choose An Authoring Tool With A Built-In Learning Management System


We can’t argue against the benefits of the digital era on the efficiency of learning. But as we start to digitalize every aspect of our businesses, the cost and complexity of handling said systems increases drastically. The more these tools remain in silos, separated from one another, the less efficient your organization becomes. Because of this, it only makes sense to invest in tools that offer well-rounded solutions. For example, most organizations invest in eLearning authoring tools while also spending money on a separate Learning Management System.

Here are 5 reasons why you should instead invest in a single authoring tool that can handle both your content creation and your learning management.

1. It’s Simpler To Deploy

The more tools you involve in your eLearning processes, the more complex your deployment becomes. This is problematic since it makes editing your content much more laborious. Every time you want to make a change, you need to deploy again. And the longer it takes to deploy, the less likely you’ll be to actually make those edits and keep improving your eLearning content. So when you pick an integrated solution, not only do you save time on deployment, but you make it much easier to improve your course. For example, with Koantic, you can deploy your content to the cloud in a single click. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

2. You No Longer Need To Manage Two Or More Systems

Every system you add to your pipeline comes with its series of complications. If both of your systems are desktop software instead of being cloud-based, this means twice the IT maintenance. Managing everything individually is time-consuming, but it shouldn’t be. Choosing an integrated solution means you only have a single system to manage. This increases the efficiency of your system management. And if that system is cloud-based? That makes it even easier to manage!

But the reason to work within a single system instead of managing two or more goes deeper than that. Imagine you are using one system for your authoring solution, and a separate system for your LMS. Every time you want to export your courses to your LMS, you need to export to a SCORM wrapper, which takes some time and creates a new ZIP file every time. From there, you need to open your LMS, import the ZIP file you created on your desktop, and you’re good to go.

But what happens if you realized you made a mistake, or need to make some edits? You’ll need to go back to your authoring solution, make the changes, re-export your course, then go through the entire importing sequence again. By this point, you’ll have more than one ZIP file on your desktop. The more you repeat the process, the more chances you have of messing up.

All in all, it’s not an optimal way to work—at all.

Keep in mind that as your course evolves and you get feedback from your learners, there is a high likelihood of you needing to make changes to your course. eLearning content is hardly ever complete after a first export. Plus, with a flexible system like Koantic, even if you decide you want to use your own LMS, you can export your lightweight SCORM file and import it to your LMS only once! When you make changes to the content within Koantic, your file gets automatically updated in your LMS.

3. Better System Security

For some organizations, eLearning content doesn’t really contain any sensitive information. But for those who do deal with sensitive information, the risk of a security breach is always present.

Making your data secure involves complicated security measures, but the more systems are involved in a single sector (in this case, eLearning), the more complex it becomes.

If you want to keep your eLearning data away from unauthorized users, it’s simpler to choose a fully integrated eLearning system. With only one system to protect, the complexity of security issues decreases, and your data remains much safer.

So if data security is important to you, consider simplifying your processes by adopting a single all-in-one eLearning system.

Plus, as mentioned in our second point, you’re less likely to make mistakes when you’re not constantly handling several versions of your eLearning files between two tools.

4. Deeper Ability To Analyze Your Data

Exporting your eLearning content from your authoring tool to a SCORM wrapper is convenient because of the file size, but it drastically reduces the amount of data you get from it.

A SCORM wrapper will tell you your learners’ status in the course, as well as their grade. That’s it.

On the other hand, a fully-integrated solution gives you access to much more powerful data. If your learners get blocked, you can see where they are in your course to understand what’s going on. You can see exactly how they are interacting with your content at a granular level, which informs you of whether or not your eLearning content is hitting the mark.

If you still want to use a SCORM wrapper and export to a separate LMS, using Koantic will allow you to access the rich data you need to make informed decisions on what to improve in your courses as you go. You get the best of both worlds.

5. You Cut Down On Costs

Sure, having multiple systems to handle your eLearning pipeline takes time and effort. But above all, it costs your organization much more than it should.

On the other hand, a built-in Learning Management System will reduce your costs, since:

  • Installation and maintenance is limited to a single system
  • You only pay for one license
  • There is no need to purchase a separate data analysis tool
  • You save costs on storage space

If you go with an eLearning authoring solution that is not only integrated with a Learning Management System, but that is also cloud-based, you’ll cut down on license costs even more.

Simplify eLearning With An Integrated Solution

When there are simpler solutions out there, it only makes sense to choose an authoring tool and a Learning Management System that work together in tandem.

Koantic not only comes with a built-in Learning Management System, it’s also cloud-based and simple to use. You can get started in minutes using professional pre-built templates today!

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