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One of the big myths about Poland is it really is an east European nation and Ukraine and Belarus

One of the big myths about Poland is it really is an east European nation and Ukraine and Belarus

While Poland has been the nation I found myself fairly interested in, its a lot more eastern and a€?rawera€? friends (Ukraine and Russia) usually appealed to me above any Central European country actually ever could.

That’s because as men who was simply born in Ukraine and whom speaks fluent Russian, it produced little good sense for me to pay lots of time in countries where I didn’t posses these types of a conclusive advantage over additional visitors.

However, although Ukrainian people and Russian women are elegant and sexy, the constant materialism and transactional-based relations need over the years used me lower making me personally crave some thing considerably american. I’m not dealing with things since drastic as United states or Brit or things, but simply a tad bit more Western than I found myself working with.

While I’ve just spent weeks in Poland, certainly one of my personal good friends, Ian, who’s from the UK, has invested considerable time in Poland, ravaging courting the women in greatest approaches the guy knows.

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Listed here post was submitted by my pal Ian, a Brit chap who has been staying in Poland over the past years.


That’s what a lot of my personal friends in The united kingdomt imagine. The reality, however, is that Poland is truly in Central European countries along side region like Hungary additionally the Czech Republic. Once, you go to Poland, you can expect to understand why.

First of all, Poland is a lot cleaner and best held than nearby Ukraine and Belarus. The places tend to be more organized and issues operate much better than in Eastern europe including Romania plus Bulgaria. Plus, unlike Ukraine and Belarus, Poland is in the EU, which says much concerning state’s development. There’s grounds precisely why many Ukrainians and Russians decide to move to Poland and praise life much there.


Not surprisingly, Polish someone talk shine, a Slavic language which is very similar to Ukrainian and Russian (way more like the former compared to the second). Any time you talk Russian (We speak slightly) or Ukrainian, you should about manage to read the signs and also make some of the keywords. Ukrainians exactly who immigrate to Poland said that it requires them for the most part a few months attain conversational during the language.

I suggest mastering Polish if you are a person that’s major with your intentions in the united states, particularly if you’re intending to build a base and stay long-lasting. It would surely create integration much easier and enhance your likelihood utilizing the ladies. Creating stated, talking Polish is by no ways a requirement because so many youthful Polish visitors talk some English (unlike in Ukraine and Russia).

The women

This a€?non-Eastern European statusa€? naturally holds itself toward females. If you ask me, Polish ladies are virtually east European although not genuinely Eastern European. Although they’re Slavic through-and-through, they just do not have the exact same ultra-feminine charm and gender charm when compared with Ukrainian or Russian women.

I would personally claim that Polish ladies are practically as appealing as Ukrainian ladies. The reason why we say simply because we thought Ukrainian ladies since the expectations when considering supreme femininity and attractiveness. Although Polish lady have actually nice confronts, they lack a bit of that a€?modelesquea€? search that is typical with Ukrainian and Russian.

If you see a Ukrainian lady, the instant effect you have try, a€?wow, why isn’t this girl a design?a€? but when you see a Polish woman, their response is, a€?ok, she is kinda pretty.a€? Course. Without design parts.

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