AngularJS & NodeJS Development

If you are looking for a crew with expertise in angularJS development for creating a cutting edge single page application, Kealogics welcome you to be part of our services. We are one of the best offshore angularJS development company in bangalore focused on providing angularJS development services for established clients as well as emerging startups since years. We believe a minimalized and user- friendly single page application can be a game changer in your business.

Kealogics is a top NodeJS development company in bangalore with the focus on web and mobile application. NodeJS is known for its scalable, efficient and design friendly features. It is an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime environment. We embrace Node.JS technicalities and offer an end-to-end solution to our customers at competitive market pricing.We are experts in Node.JS and provide development services using the framework. Kealogics developers are familiar with the ins and outs of NodeJS, and cater to the development process according to diverse budgets, ideas, and execution method.