UI & UX Design

Plan & Analyis

  • Every requirement is different, and that’s why we envisage proper user behavior, understand their perspective before diving deep into the design.
  • We build personas that reflect upon the end user and create a design around it rather than using a generic end user.
  • We build site architecture with the aim to break information into meaningful chunks and improve site navigation.
  • Explicate

  • Sketching enables us to visualize the ideas and improve them before giving them actual form.
  • Wire-framing is where all the fun begins where we transform a skeletal framework of the system and feedback is gathered.
  • The individual elements are then emphasized on to give an intuitive interaction.

  • An arrangement of images, references, colors and fonts with a purpose to evoke an emotion or represent a particular style.
  • A lot of iterations, combinations and long talks make up the visual experience.
  • It is then tested on actual users, iterated, refined and flavored with brilliance.